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Apr 25, 2024

Thanks to every customer who chooses Mole Medical Video Laryngoscope! 

Your trust and support are the source of motivation for us to keep moving forward. Mole Medical Video Laryngoscope, with its high definition, portability and stability, provides medical workers with a more accurate and efficient diagnostic tool, bringing a better treatment experience to every patient. 

Apr 24, 2024

MoleMedical sincerely invites you to participate in KIHE 2024

MoleMedical sincerely invites you to participate in the 29th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition(KIHE2024) held in Almaty on May 15-17,2024. We will bring our star products: VideoLaryngoscope, Bronchoscope, Disposable Ureteroscope, etc. Come on!

Apr 22, 2024

Let’s review the wonderful moments of Mole Medical at the 89th CMEF 

Warmly thank our customers for their support and trust!

video laryngoscope cost
Apr 19, 2024

Dollars &Sense of Video Laryngoscope Cost: Mole Medical’s Perspective

Explore the cost-benefit analysis of video laryngoscopes, comparing investments in quality devices from Mole Medical against cheaper alternatives. Discover how durability, performance, and long-term savings factor into your decision-making for improved patient care. Introduction to Video Laryngoscopes 1. Overview of Video Laryngoscopes Video laryngoscopes are essential medical devices used in various procedures, particularly in the field ... Read more

miller blade vs mac blade
Apr 18, 2024

Miller Blade vs. Mac Blade: Understanding the Differences in Anesthesia Practice

Laryngoscope blades play a pivotal role in ensuring successful intubation during anesthesia procedures. Among the array of laryngoscope blades available, the Miller and Mac blades stand out as two common types used by anesthesiologists worldwide. Developed by Mole Medical, these blades differ in their design and intended use, making it crucial for medical professionals to ... Read more


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