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Intended use:

For observation, diagnosis, photography or auxiliary treatment of the trachea, bronchi and lungs.




Model YS-B28,YS-B38,YS-B3112,YS-B3915,YS-B4822,YS-B4926,YS-B5226,YS-B5228,YS-B5828,YS-B6032
Brand Mole Medical
Country of origin China
Product feature For observation, diagnosis, photography or auxiliary treatment of the trachea, bronchi and lungs.
Application Anesthesiology, Respiratory, Emergency, ICU, Pediatrics
Display 10 inch
Camera Resolution 1280*800
Angle of vision 120º
Hose Outer Diameter 10 options
Channel Inner Diameter 2 options (Without & with working channel)
Bending upward≥180°, downward≥180°
Observe depth 3-100mm
Working hose length ≥600mm
Power Source Electricity
After-sale service Return and replacement
OEM Accept OEM service

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    How about your after-service?

    How are we going to install the equipment after purchasing?

    Is OEM &ODM available in your factory ?

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    Are you a Factory or trading company?

    Do you have disposable blades to buy with?

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