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Disposable Video Laryngoscope For Adult
Adult Video Laryngoscope
Adult Video Laryngoscope
Disposable Video Laryngoscope For Adult
Adult Video Laryngoscope
Adult Video Laryngoscope




The perfect solution for airway management problems.

High-Resolution Video Technology: Features a superior camera offering clear, real-time visuals of the larynx and vocal cords, enhancing intubation accuracy.

Durable, Ergonomic Design: The device is crafted for durability and user comfort, with an ergonomic handle that ensures a secure grip for precise maneuvers.

Advanced Lighting System: Equipped with a high-intensity LED light, it provides excellent illumination of the airway, crucial for accurate placement.

Anti-Fog Capability: The lens is treated with an anti-fog coating, ensuring unobstructed visibility even in challenging conditions.

Interchangeable Blades: Comes with a variety of blade sizes suitable for adult patients, making it versatile for different anatomical requirements.

Portable and Lightweight: Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for use in a range of settings, including emergency rooms, operating theaters, and in-field medical interventions.

Easy-to-Clean and Disinfect: Designed with materials that allow for quick and thorough sterilization, adhering to strict hygiene standards.

Long Battery Life: Equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring reliable performance during prolonged procedures or in emergency situations.

LCD Display Screen: Includes a high-definition LCD screen that displays vivid images, aiding in quick and accurate intubation.


Multifunctional Imaging and Recording: It boasts capabilities for both photography and video recording, coupled with a built-in USB rechargeable battery. This feature allows for versatile documentation and review of procedures, useful in a variety of medical settings.

Smart Anti-Fog Technology: The device integrates smart anti-fog technology, using a temperature control chip that instantly prevents fogging without any need for preheating. This ensures clear visibility at all times, crucial during precise medical procedures.

User-Friendly Interface and Versatility: It features a 3-inch touch screen monitor that facilitates fast and simple operation. The adjustable indoor/outdoor mode enhances its usability in different environments, making it a versatile tool for various clinical applications.


Our commitment to single-use innovation, driven by active collaboration with healthcare professionals who provide guidance and participate in product co-development, ensures a continual standard of excellence.


Items Technical Name Technical Indicators
Display/Handle Display 3″/5”(OLED)
Camera Resolution Ratio 960*480(RGB)
Illuminace(LUX) ≥800
light source Natural white(LED)
Weight of monitor and handle 200g
Rotating angles of the monitor in front and rear 30 º~150 º
Rotating angles of the monitor in right and left 0 º~270 º
Blade Angle of vision ≥73º
Field of depth 20~100mm
Lens 2Mpixels
double anti-fog, no preheating
IP rating IPX7
Blade size 3 models
Battery Continous working time >270minutes
Power supply Rechargeable 18650 3.7V lithium battery
Battery life cycle ≥500 times
Charging time <4(hrs)
Charger input 110~220V AC 50Hz
Charger output DC 5V 1A, 2600mAh
Data Media Class 6 Micro SD flash card
Strorage card 8GB, compatible with 64GB
File format JPEG, AVI
Interface 1 mini USB, 1 SD card slot
Shelflife 5years
Warranty Period 1year
Certificate approval CE, FDA, NMPA, ISO13485

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