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Handheld Video Laryngoscope
Video Intubation Laryngoscope
One Moniter With 10 Blades
Portable Laryngoscope For Intubation
Neonate / Pediatric Video Laryngoscope
Handheld Video Laryngoscope
Video Intubation Laryngoscope
One Moniter With 10 Blades
Portable Laryngoscope For Intubation
Neonate / Pediatric Video Laryngoscope





  • First-Attempt Success:

Optimized to enable clinicians to successfully intubate patients on the first attempt, enhancing efficiency and reducing the stress of multiple attempts.

  • Reduced Risk of Injury:

Designed to provide a superior view of the glottic structure, minimizing the risk of injury to patients during intubation procedures.

  • 2.0MP Full View Camera:

Equipped with a high-resolution 2.0-megapixel camera, offering a detailed and expansive view on its high-resolution monitor, crucial for precise navigation and placement.

  • Unique Anti-Fog Function:

Features an innovative anti-fog capability, eliminating the need for preheating, thus saving time and ensuring a clear view immediately upon use.

  • Portable Ergonomic Design:

Boasts a portable design that is both user-friendly and ergonomically optimized, making it comfortable and easy to handle during procedures.

Neonate / Pediatric Video Laryngoscope


Lightweight, main unit is less than 350g.

Reusable blades can be sterilized by hydrogen peroxide gas plasma or anti-microbial soaking and re-used.

The sizes of the 8 reusable blades included with the Video Laryngoscope can be chosen by customers to best suit their needs. Sizes available are Miller 00-Z,00,0, 1, Macintosh 2, 3, 4, and Mccoy 5.

The reusable display is an integrated full-view 3″ monitor and can resist repeated wiping and normal use. It is powered by a 180 minute per charge high capacity lithium battery.

Portable Laryngoscope For Intubation

Standard Accessories

Carrying suitcase (1x)

Reusable Video Laryngoscope Blades (3x)

One Moniter With 10 Blades


Items Technical Name Technical Indicators
Display/Handle Display 3″/5”(OLED)
Camera Resolution 960*480(RGB), 2Mpixels
Illuminace(LUX) ≥800
light source Natural white(LED)
Weight of monitor and handle 150g
Rotating angles of the monitor in front and rear 30 º~150 º
Rotating angles of the monitor in right and left 0 º~270 º
Blade Angle of vision ≥73º
Field of depth 20~100mm
IP rating IPX7
Blade size 8 models
including tilting tip blades especially for difficult airway
Battery Continous working time >270minutes
Power supply Rechargeable 18650 3.7V lithium battery
Battery life cycle ≥500 times
Charging time <4(hrs)
Charger input 110~220V AC 50Hz
Charger output DC 5V 1A, 2600mAh
Data Media Class 6 Micro SD flash card
Strorage card 8GB, compatible with 64GB
File format JPEG, AVI
Interface 1 mini USB, 1 SD card slot
Shelf life 5years
Warranty Period 1year
Certificate approval CE, FDA, NMPA, ISO13485

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