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Portable Laryngoscope For Intubation
Video Intubation Laryngoscope
One Moniter With 3 Blades
One Moniter With 10 Blades
Portable Laryngoscope For Intubation
Video Intubation Laryngoscope
One Moniter With 3 Blades
One Moniter With 10 Blades




  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The portable laryngoscope features a slim and light build, making it easy to handle and carry, ideal for use in urgent medical situations.
  • High-Intensity Lighting System: Equipped with a powerful lighting system, it provides exceptional visibility of the tracheal area, greatly reducing the risk of injury during intubation.
  • Ergonomic Handle for Enhanced Control: The design includes an ergonomic handle that offers a secure grip and precise control, facilitating accurate and safe manipulation during the procedure.
  • Versatile Blade Attachments: The laryngoscope is compatible with a variety of blade sizes and styles, accommodating patients of different ages and physical builds, thereby enhancing its utility in diverse clinical scenarios.
  • Durable and Hygienic Construction: Made with medical-grade 316 stainless steel, the blades are robust, can be sterilized for repeated use, and meet high standards of medical hygiene, ensuring long-term durability and patient safety.

Medical 316 stainless steel metal blades can be sterilized and used repeatedly.

Video Intubation Laryngoscope

Outstanding features: This high-compatibility laryngoscope features a reusable blade that can withstand multiple disinfections, ensuring long-lasting utility and adherence to stringent hygiene protocols. It includes an optional support rod which adapts seamlessly for use in both adult and pediatric patients, complemented by a selection of disposable blades tailored for adults, children, and even neonates. The device’s compatibility with a rigid stylet broadens its functionality. Designed to cater to various clinical scenarios and diverse patient requirements, this laryngoscope is a versatile and invaluable tool for any emergency setting.

The Mole video laryngoscope delivers a crisp visual of the vocal cords with minimal disturbance to the surrounding soft tissues.

One Moniter With 3 Blades


The device is lightweight and designed with an optimal center of gravity that prevents the screen from tipping over. Its portability is enhanced by a fold-flat feature for convenient storage, allowing it to easily slip into your coat pocket and accompany you on the go.

Large Degree Rotation
Regardless of patient variability, this device enables you to intubate from any angle thanks to its swiveling monitor, which can be moved aside to facilitate unobstructed access to your intubation target.

Compatible Video Laryngoscope

Smart Anti-Fogging – No Preheating Required
The device is equipped with an instant activation anti-fog technology that prevents fogging throughout the entire channel, not just at the blade tip. This ensures consistently superior image clarity during the entire intubation process.

70°Angle of vision

The glottis remains in clear view, with an expanded observation angle that facilitates a convenient, precise, and rapid intubation process.

One Moniter With 10 Blades


Items Technical Name Technical Indicators
Display/Handle Display 3″/5”(OLED)
Camera Resolution 960*480(RGB), 2Mpixels
Illuminace(LUX) ≥800
light source Natural white(LED)
Weight of monitor and handle 150g
Rotating angles of the monitor in front and rear 30 º~150 º
Rotating angles of the monitor in right and left 0 º~270 º
Blade Angle of vision ≥73º
Field of depth 20~100mm
IP rating IPX7
Blade size 8 models
including tilting tip blades especially for difficult airway
Battery Continous working time >270minutes
Power supply Rechargeable 18650 3.7V lithium battery
Battery life cycle ≥500 times
Charging time <4(hrs)
Charger input 110~220V AC 50Hz
Charger output DC 5V 1A, 2600mAh
Data Media Class 6 Micro SD flash card
Strorage card 8GB, compatible with 64GB
File format JPEG, AVI
Interface 1 mini USB, 1 SD card slot
Shelf life 5years
Warranty Period 1year
Certificate approval CE, FDA, NMPA, ISO13485

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