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Reusable Video Laryngoscope
Video Intubation Laryngoscope
One Moniter With 10 Blades
One Moniter With 4 Blades
Reusable Video Laryngoscope
Video Intubation Laryngoscope
One Moniter With 10 Blades
One Moniter With 4 Blades




Product Features

High-Resolution Camera: Provides clear and magnified images of the airway structures to ensure proper placement of the endotracheal tube.

Portable Design: The lightweight and compact nature of the device allows for easy transportation and use in different clinical settings and emergencies.

Durable Battery Life: Equipped with long-lasting batteries to allow for continuous use, especially critical during long surgical procedures or when multiple intubations are required.

Anti-Fog Capability: Comes with anti-fog technology that prevents condensation on the camera lens, ensuring that the view remains unobstructed during the procedure.

Wide Range of Blade Sizes: Accommodates various patient sizes and anatomies with a selection of blade sizes, often including options for pediatric and adult patients.

Reusability and Easy Disinfection: Many models have reusable components that can be easily cleaned and disinfected, helping maintain hygiene and patient safety.

Integrated Display or Wireless Transmission: Some models come with built-in screens, while others can wirelessly transmit the video feed to external monitors, providing flexibility in visualization during intubation.

Video Intubation Laryngoscope


Enhanced Patient Safety: Offers improved visualization of the airway, reducing the risk of injury or complications during intubation.

Increased Intubation Success Rate: The direct video feed aids in successful first-attempt intubation, even in patients with difficult airways.

Time Efficiency: Streamlines the intubation process, saving valuable time in critical situations where every second counts.

Training and Teaching Tool: Acts as an excellent educational device, allowing students and trainees to observe and learn the intubation process in real-time.

Documentation: Some models can record video, providing a valuable resource for review and quality control purposes.

One Moniter With 4 Blades

The Mole serves as the go-to instrument for intubations, boasting a durable, high-quality display crafted in Japan, backed by a 1-year warranty. Its sturdy, vibrant, full-color screen is designed to withstand smudges and glare while being resilient against the rigors of frequent cleaning and day-to-day usage.

The Mole features a lightweight, self-contained, and battery-powered display that is designed for portability and convenience. It includes a reusable screen that is securely housed in a protective foam case for safe transport. Each blade is individually packaged, further enhancing the system’s portability for on-the-go medical professionals.

Portable Laryngoscope For Intubation

The economical design of the Mole’s reusable blades ensures cost-effective use for all your intubation procedures. Its affordability, coupled with superior visual performance, provides exceptional value for optimal patient care. The Mole enables enhanced patient outcomes through top-tier visual assistance during each intubation, all while maintaining an accessible price point.

One Moniter With 10 Blades


Items Technical Name Technical Indicators
Display/Handle Display 3″/5”(OLED)
Camera Resolution 960*480(RGB), 2Mpixels
Illuminace(LUX) ≥800
light source Natural white(LED)
Weight of monitor and handle 150g
Rotating angles of the monitor in front and rear 30 º~150 º
Rotating angles of the monitor in right and left 0 º~270 º
Blade Angle of vision ≥73º
Field of depth 20~100mm
IP rating IPX7
Blade size 8 models
including tilting tip blades especially for difficult airway
Battery Continous working time >270minutes
Power supply Rechargeable 18650 3.7V lithium battery
Battery life cycle ≥500 times
Charging time <4(hrs)
Charger input 110~220V AC 50Hz
Charger output DC 5V 1A, 2600mAh
Data Media Class 6 Micro SD flash card
Strorage card 8GB, compatible with 64GB
File format JPEG, AVI
Interface 1 mini USB, 1 SD card slot
Shelf life 5years
Warranty Period 1year
Certificate approval CE, FDA, NMPA, ISO13485

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